Message from the president

Our mission is to be an enterprise
in good with all stakeholders
with contributing to the society
with the attractive “products”.

In 1985, Pacific Giken Co., Ltd. has been established, as a specialized company for the nonwoven processing, changing organization of the Processing Dept. in Japan Vilene Co., Ltd., Shiga Factory. The company started operation with the philosophy of “Endless effort for research of processing technology”.

While social and customer needs have changed with the times, we have devised unique manufacturing equipment and have produced high quality products with that technology.

For nonwoven fabrics, we can either choose from many products of Japan Vilene or handle products from other nonwoven fabric manufacturers. We also have a wealth of experiences in handling fabrics, knitting, paper, film and so on. Furthermore, it is also possible to combine nonwoven fabric and other materials.

We respond to the needs from various markets with techniques such as cutting, laminating, punching, thinning, smoothing, impregnating, fixed length winding and bag making.

In 2018, we have started up a new factory dedicated to manufacturing of medical devices. We produce the angiography catheter kits whose needs are increasing in an aged society and deliver them to the medical institutions nationwide.

We strongly make efforts to be an enterprise in good with all stakeholders with contributing to the society with the attractive “products” in the future, improving technology, quality, service, value, company culture and environmental consciousness to be recognized by them.

Representative Director President Yoshihiro Suzuki

Company’s outline

Company Name Pacific Giken Company, Ltd.
Headquarters factory
1772-8 Yasu, Yasu-city,
Shiga, 520-2342, Japan
TEL : +81-77-586-2977
(the main phone number of a company)
Medical factory
1147 Kawata-cho,
Moriyama-city, Shiga,
524-0001, Japan
TEL: +81-77-598-1011
Date of
June 18th, 1985
80 Millions of Yen
Yoshihiro Suzuki
Number of
89(As of March 1st, 2021)
Description of
Processing nonwoven fabric and medical instrument
Japan Vilene Company, Ltd.
Vilene Create Co., Ltd.


  • 1985

    Japan Vilene Co., Ltd. Shiga Works Processing Department independently
    established in Moriyama city, Shiga Prefecture.

  • 1990

    Construction and relocation of headquarters factory in Yasu-cho,
    Shiga prefecture (now in Yasu city).

  • 1998

    Acquired ISO 9001.

  • 2001

    Started processing medical equipment.
    Acquisition of ISO 14001.

  • 2006

    Started sterilization processing (medical equipment).

  • 2018

    Medical factory completed in Moriyama city. Started operation.


Headquarters factory

Medical factory